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Classroom Supplies

Georgia Mountain Pageants will host multiple pageants throughout the year to raise funds that will be allocated towards teacher classroom supplies to further the education of students.


One of the most common questions that people have about nonprofits is how the funds are used and we are proud to say that all of the funds raised by Georgia Mountain Pageants goes right back into our community of Towns County, specifically the school system.


Founder, Diane Turpin, has experience working in the school system and knows what it’s like to purchase your own supplies for your classroom in order to further the education of students. 


Whether it’s school supply necessities, such as paper, pencils, crayons, and markers, that many students simply don’t have access to, or other needs to make the classroom experience better, such as craft and project supplies, games, snacks, prizes, and more, teachers are often using their own money to make their classroom an experience that students can learn in and remember for years to come.


In fact, we conducted a survey and out of 30 teacher responses (teachers from surrounding counties), 100% said they use their own money to supply their classroom every single year. 


Knowing this struggle, we wanted to help in any way that we can. 


Teachers typically receive an yearly allowance to put toward things they need for their classroom, but survey results stated, “I need things that the yearly allowance does not cover” and most teachers agree that, “I want my students to have more than the minimum. I spend my own money on hands-on activities, snacks, classroom supplies, and pay for things students can’t, like field trips, supplies for students who don’t have the basics, etc.”


Other teachers stated that:


“There is no way that I can adequately prepare my classroom without supplies I buy, such as bulletin board materials, reproducibles, Kleenex, candy, etc. I even have water and snacks for my students.”


“I spend money on supplies for several reasons. If it’s my own money, I feel like I have more freedom over what I choose to purchase (quality, quantity, vendor, etc.). It also is then mine as opposed to being the property of the school. When it comes to decorations, we don't get a budget, so I use my own money for this as well. Also, there are times when I spur of the moment decide to buy things for my room that are a want rather than a need or are things to benefit the students, but are not basic supplies.”


“I spend money on my classroom because I want my students to have all the materials they need and more to learn. I also spend a lot on classroom decor because I want my room to feel welcoming and inviting to all students.”


The need is SO clear, which is why we’re dedicated to helping our teachers receive more funds throughout the school year, so they can continue to provide a fun and educational learning environment and have all of the supplies they need to do so with ease.

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