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Georgia Mountain Pageants has a mission to honor and empower young women by fostering self-confidence, leadership, and community involvement through a pageant experience that celebrates their unique talents, intelligence, and beauty.


Proverbs 31 is the life  of Georgia Mountain Pageants.


A Proverbs 31 woman is someone of noble character that not only cares for her family and friends, but also looks to serve those who she doesn’t even know in any way that she can. 


She’s a woman that recognizes how blessed she is and wants to share her blessings with others. She works hard and strives for greatness in all that she does. She sets goals for herself and makes a plan to effectively achieve them.


Others are able to easily recognize a Proverbs 31 woman and praise her for her character and godliness – not just for mere flattery, but in genuine awe of the type of person she is.


At Georgia Mountain Pageants, these are the type of women we strive to build through fun and unique pageant experiences!


Beyond the beautiful gowns, shiny crowns, and large crowds, our hope is to teach and encourage the importance of faithfulness to God, healthy living, goal setting and accomplishment, community service, creativity, leadership and educational achievement all with the ultimate goal of obtaining self confidence and courage, which comes from God.


To help our young women start growing into a Proverbs 31 woman, our pageants include various community and leadership requirements, so they can start practicing these values in a safe place.


For example, all contestants are encouraged to take part in on stage speaking points to strengthen their communication skills and get comfortable speaking in front of others. This skill is something that will carry on into adulthood and is something we deeply believe is lacking in the lives of our children.


We also have mandatory interviews for our 13+ contestants to start preparing them for the college and business world. This gives them a chance to practice answering questions and speaking succinctly, so they can start growing their confidence in this area as early as middle school.


With this mandatory interview, our contestants are also asked to submit a formal resume that displays their schooling, achievements, volunteer work, etc. 


Our ultimate hope for this is that our contestants will learn the importance of volunteering and being involved with their local community, so that they will start to seek these opportunities year round.


In addition to interviews and resumes, our Miss Contestants (16+) are asked to come with a social impact initiative, which is essentially a charity platform that aligns with a cause that matters to them. 


To spread awareness and generate support for the cause that’s important to them, contestants will speak on stage and in their interviews about their cause in order to bring light to it and communicate the importance of it.


Overall, all of these aspects of our pageants goes back to one main thing: community involvement and leadership. 


In a world where you can truly be anything, we want our young women to know that there’s a place for them in their community and they have the ability to lead with excellence. 


If we can help them grow their confidence and believe this about themselves starting at a young age, that’s what we want to do.


This is the heart of everything at Georgia Mountain Pageants and we will continue to build strong women through every single event that we have and we look forward to having you join us.

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